Troy B. Kechely Novels by Troy B. Kechely

Growing up on a ranch west of Helena, Montana, Troy Kechely developed a strong connection with the land and the animals he cared for.  That connection is evident in all his narrative writing today and inspired his debut novel Stranger’s Dance.  Kechely’s short stories and poems about the relationship between humans and dogs have been published in Dog and Kennel Magazine and numerous newsletters and websites of canine rescue groups.  He is also the author of the instructional non-fiction book Management of Aggressive Canines for Law Enforcement.

As founder of Big Sky Rottweiler Rescue, a non-profit Rottweiler rescue group, Kechely took his passion for working with difficult dogs and grew it into a multi-state operation that has saved and rehabilitated hundreds of dogs since 1997.  This devotion grew into a consulting business that provides expert testimony and classes on canine aggression and bite injury.